A little about us! Putting a name with a face 🙂

Summit Dates: February 5-7, 2021

A bit about about us. We run MrSkinnyPants.com. We've had almost a million page views in 2020. Our email list is about 30,000 email subs. (that's an active engaged list) Our main strategy for monetization of our audience has been weight loss coaching. We realized coaching was only one way to help our readers. We also realized that most of the struggling dieters were middle aged folks. We we created a way to help them specifically with the launch of Keto Diet Summit.

The goal of the keto diet summit is to hep struggling middle aged keto dieters by connecting them with other brilliant speakers like you.

What's in it for you? It's a way to help others, build your audience and make money. Can't beat that right? You'll be able to pitch your business to the attendees, offer lead magnets and receive affiliate commissions on the sale of the VIP all access pass.

What's required? Short answer, a 15-30min pre-recorded presentation. Then you'll be live in the chat when your presentation goes live. Pretty simple right? (There are other opportunities to promote yourself in a pop up Facebook group and through lead magnets that you add to the VIP all access pass)

What to do next? If you're interested please send us an email and we will share all the details for you. We know you're busy so we will make the process super simple!